Children’s world

SAT & Company continues to participate in educational sphere. This time, Company turned its eyes on the world of children fantasies fascinating stories, expressed in animated cartoons.

SAT & Company JSC entertained a suggestion of local film company “Inter cinema TV service” LLP to sponsor the project on animated films dubbing into Kazakh language for children aged 3 to 13 years. Thus, Company showed thought for young countrymen and made contribution into state language education program implementation.

It is known that a cartoon viewing is not only an interesting pastime for children, but also a key to a real world experience: first views of nature, animal and underwater worlds, existence of other galaxies, about man and relations with environment. A child gets all basic information from favorite cartoons. And it is very important to inspire children through the same cartoons the height of moral values, kindness and diligence, in short, all those moral categories, which forms a man from early years. Market relations have been making terms in animation industry for a long time. That’s why it is very hard protect a child from cartoons which abound in cruelty, violence, abusive language. Cartoons dubbed into Kazakh language pass selection and additional language censorship. This gives an opportunity to control production designated for children audience.

Moreover, it is not a secret, that there is a problem in our society of Kazakh, state language, introduction, especially in big cities. In order to have a good command of Kazakh language, it is very important to teach it from early years, when a child remembers everything, consciously or unconsciously. A breathtaking plot, colorful pictures in motion, voices of favorite heroes in native language all this helps children not only to view and experience the situation, but also think in this language, develop thinking and colloquial language.

Animated cartoons are dubbed into Kazakh without coverage on original voice which facilitates its perception significantly, don’t draws attention, gives a possibility to young viewers to concentrate on actions and dialogues directly. Films are serial, designated for long term screening. Histories in these films are instructive and cognitive. The main subject is triumph of good over evil.

• “Thousands of whys”, 26 series- made original inform of answers and questions about life of animals. Answers are illustrated by small histories about origin and habits of animals.

• “Tale about Tibet”, 52 series created in fascinating form , with main characters- girl ,dog and granddad, who helped animals to overpower evil Tarantula.

• Catman, 72 series the cartoon version of Batman. The cat hurries to rescue his friends and all those who need help.

• Ke ke and Che che teaches children good and mutual assistance in entertaining form.

These animated films are showed on republic channel “Kazakhstan” in 15.20. Their screening is also planned on Balapan channel in future.



Inter cinema TV service

Film Company Inter cinema TV service have been working in Kazakhstan market for more than eight years, has its own editing studio, publishing house, present-day equipment, high-quality creative and operating personnel.

The activity of company is diversified production of featured films, documentaries, social and image commercials. Products for children hold a special place in projects of company. An album with best Kazakh animated films, which are in demand, was published with support of republic ministry of education and science.

Inter cinema TV Company has a large experience in creation of video collections of various subjects featured films, documentaries, musical videos, audio collections, including popular, such as “Gold collection”, “New films of New Kazakhstan”, “Turkestan”, “Rosa Rymbayeva”, “Musical Kazakhstan” and etc.