Company participation in education

The sponsorship of SAT & Company JSC is also provided in the system of national education. Company gives special attention to introduction of processes of new technological systems, innovation transformations in educational institutions teaching method. Hence, the Company directed its sponsorship investment into equipment for brand new high educational institution which aims to become university with sound and leading infrastructure, providing base for basic and applied sciences.  

The university meant is the new university in Astana created by initiative of the Head of State with aim of forming future intellectual elite of the country.  The university has a mission to become a national brand of Kazakhstan, combining harmonically advantages of national system of education and world’s best scientific-educational practice. Fulfillment of such unique educational project having no analogues on the  post soviet union territory, required provision of University with most leading technical equipment, methodological guides,  facilitating brilliant knowledge of world level.

Having considered needs of the University the Company purchased and granted to new university in  a kind of sponsorship assistance multimedia and presentation equipment, consisting of computers, interactive systems, video projection system 3D, and other technical means of leading educational technology. Besides technical equipment the Company took into account also significance of traditional methodological means of education. Also the Company provided significant amount of grant for purchase of books and special educational supplies of famous authors – scientists of worldwide education, whose works are used in advanced high educational institutions of Europe and America. Apparently, scientific-educational values will strengthen the scientific-production of University.

 For successful activity of University, as a business entity, material-technical strengthening is necessary.  Company also took into consideration this aspect. That’s why large amounts of financial assets were directed at purchase of housekeeping materials and aid equipment.

Company also tried, as far as possible, to grasp necessary aspects of needs of the most perspective university in country. The general amount of funds spent by SAT & Company JSC in sponsor assistance to University exceeds 180 mln KZT.

In June 2010 opening ceremony of international level university in Kazakhstan took place. The government lead by the Head of the RK Nursultan Nazarbayev and also representatives of international university partners participated in the opening ceremony. In the presence of media the whole infrastructure of new university, educational buildings, premises for students and academic staff –  modern campus were presented. The guests rated high scientific and practical base, high level of technical provision of alma-mater of future intellectual elite of the country.

 Company is proud of its contribution into education and realizes that it is not only sponsorship, but also investments into perspective. In the near future, preparation and graduation of specialists will push forward the development of our science and industry, part of which is SAT & Company.