The SAT & Company JSC sponsors Kazakhstan Barysy fund of Kazakh kuresy development public organization as well.

The history of Kazakh wrestling closely goes with the history of the Kazakh people.  Kazakh baluan wrestling is one the Kazakh people arts.  The Kazakhs called the baluans their bogatyrs, giants, and the people believed their power to be a special gift given by Allah.  Wrestling is an art and a part of folk crafting.  Severe nomad life taught the Kazakh people to be brave and strong, it nurtured the qualities since the very birth.  Such skills as horse-riding, archery and wrestling became a normal pastime to both boys and girls.

As of today, there have been four world, two Europe and six Asian Kazakh kuresy tournaments.  The first world Kazakh kuresy tournament, our natural wrestling, was first held in 2006 in Almaty, the second took place in Orsk, Russia, the third tournament’s regalia was put up in 2010 in the capital city of Kazakhstan, Astana.  The fourth world championship took place in December 2013 in Minsk.

Tens of thousands of the national wrestling fans eagerly waited for a tournament that took place on 6th December, 2013 in the Taraz-Arena dome.  Finale was a real show – the Kazakhstani sportsmen struggled but won over Mongolian ones scoring 4:1.  Each fight was a matter of super importance, but the hosts managed to snatch the victory.

There was IV world Kazakh Kuresy championship on 21- 22nd December 2013 in Minsk.  There our team became absolute champions, they won 5 gold medals.  We congratulate our national team on this champion’s success!