To-date, football is the most popular sport game all over the globe. Every year we anticipate any football event whether it is The Champions League, UEFA Cup, world or continental championship with qualification games taking place within each country. Armies of football fans who chasing their idols up and down the world, have established own communities with individual attributes, culture and history.

Football is played on every continent and in each country and even every inhabited area has own football team fans and stars. It is impossible to imagine a school, university or company without own football ground or team. Such overall popularity of this amusement game among all the ages captured our company which is paying attention to all famous sport events.

This web part will help you to evaluate involvement and sponsorship activities of SAT & Company in football life of Kazakhstan, read the news from the world of leather ball masters.


Decision to support football team was not random: dynamics and strong spirit of “MEGASPORT” meet the politics of our company as SAT & Company JSC always support healthy lifestyle.


Our company sponsors not only young and perspective sportsmen, but can be proud of own sport achievements. In 2006, a football team consisting of JSC employees was established.