A professional boxing club named «Kazakhstan» was established in Almaty for the first time in USSR history on December 5th, 1989. Honored Master of sports, Serik Kerimbekovich Konakbayev was elected as the President of the club. The clubs of professional boxing were launched in such cities of Kazakhstan as: Aktau, Karaganda, Dzhambul and Semipalatinsk, and three such clubs in Chimkent between December 1989 and July 1992.

A foundation meeting of sports and professional clubs which resulted in a resolution to establish the Kazakhstan Federation of Professional Boxing (KFPB) was held on 22nd of August 1992 in Semipalatinsk with active participation of our famous boxer, currently the state coach of Kazakhstani national team, Bolat Tokhtarovich Mankenov who later became the Vice-President of KFPB. The forum unanimously elected Serik Konakbayev as its President and Tokhtar Aubakirov, Austraunat was appointed as Honorary President. In 2001, Sergey Dabusovich Kulnazarov, General Director of RSE “Kazaeronavigatsia” was elected as the next Honorary President of KFPB. Mr. Kulnazarov made an enormous contribution to the development of and provided both financial and moral support to Kazakhstan professional box throughout this seven year assignment.