Social responsibility

In the present day business, as well as in all spheres of political activity, most high achievements in any sphere must be approved by good deeds in social sphere.

SAT & Company besides main production activity also proves out actively in the field of charity and support of social institutes in education, sports, healthy life style promotion, and support of vulnerable groups of population. Besides one-time actions, provided by Company, such as assistance for orphanages, donations for law-income groups, participation in social charity events Company has its own approved program in this sphere:

  • Participation with private charity fund Saby.
    Support of children health care institutions, children from law-income families, children with disabilities, grown-ups with disabilities and etc.
  • Support of young talents of tennis, football, box.
  • Support of amateur and professional box of our country.
    Assistance and participation in events organizations
    — Association of legal entities «Federal Box of Almaty»
    — Kazakhstan Federation of professional box
  • Participation in development of domestic high educational institutions, in educational preparation of future specialists in industrials sectors of country economy.
  • Creation of sport teams inside Company from the number of employees to promote healthy life style in corporate sphere, attraction of personnel to compete in active sports during holiday events, participate in city and interdepartmental sport competitions.

It is not random that the word Good means not only material welfare, but also deeper concept of mercy, moral categories in the society. The Company not only mines, refines, produces and manages, but also tries to bring Good into society, into sphere where community of people lives and works, identifying itself with SAT & Company.