Say a good word for the chief accountant

Time flies relentlessly. Time goes by, we are mastering our skills and getting wiser. Looking back at the past we provide evaluation for our achievements and go ahead with renewed vigour towards new hopes and success. 
The big achievement for our staff was that, shortly before New 2015 Year, the chief accountant of SAT & Company JSC Sharabok Nadezhda Ivanovna was awarded with government decoration – “Enbek Ardagery” medal. 
This awesome, charming and strong-minded lady has been holding the office of the chief accountant since February of 2009. She fulfills her official powers in a professional manner, with strong dedication, showing rational initiative, for which she was rewarded on repeated occasions by the management of SAT & Company JSC.
In the preceding year, she fulfilled remarkable extent of work on optimization of the Company’s accounting records system. The main result of her work was reduction of time expenditures for 7% when preparing annual financial statements, increase of accounting information processing reliability. 
She treats thoughtfully implementation of the enterprise accounting policy, entirely taking into account characteristics of its activities, as well company demand in accounting information. In the second half of the year of 2010, she successfully implemented a number of measures directed to improvement of accounting routine activities including re-organization of internal control system over accuracy of operational execution, compliance with workflow procedure. Ms. Sharabok pays much attention on modernization of accounting information processing technology and methods for its protection against unauthorized access. 
She vigorously manages restructuring of informational system of financial accounting and reporting. Ensures provision of necessary accounting information to internal and external users accurately to their queries and demands. Ms. Sharabok controls systematically authenticity of transaction reflection on accounting records, asset flow, forming of revenues and expenditures, as well as enterprise fulfillment of its financial liabilities.
Nadezhda Ivanovna takes comprehensive measures oriented to timely and full tax and dues remission into the budget, insurance contributions into government extrabudgetary social funds. She analyzes results of transactions audit in subsidiary organizations on a regular basis, organizes development and occasionally submits for consideration of the management proposals aimed to improvement of financial activity results. 
Ms. Sharabok properly manages her work on provision with sound financial discipline. She executes other powers assigned on the chief accountant on a timely basis, to the full extent and in a high quality. 
Nadezhda Ivanovna improves her personal background in the system of corporate training. She studies timely and deeply changes in the legislation, is correctly guided by its provisions in her work. She knows advanced experience on her professional activity profile and successfully uses this knowledge in practice. 
When executing powers of the chief accountant she constantly demonstrates high competence and punctuality. Ms. Sharabok has high capacity for work. She acts calmly in challenging business environment, is capable to organize preparation and implementation of non-standard solutions aimed to effective negotiation of arisen problems within a short time. 
Ms. Sharabok is always adequate and amiable in her relationships with workmates. She combines exactingness towards subordinates with anxiety about them. 
Nadezhda Ivanovna together with her team achieves high outcomes, acts and wins due to her such wonderful personal qualities like sincerity, kindness and gratitude. She always tries to have her finger on the pulse and save her strong position on life. 
At the present time there is a good reason to remember that this year is anniversary year for her! Everyone in our company is aware of organizing skills of the anniversary hero, of her ability to find approach to people, of her high work capacity. All of us are glad that she is by our side and heads the Department of accounting records with energy. 
Nadezhda Ivanovna has specific sense of responsibility for the activity results, for the company’s image and our team are proud of her, as long as she is the part of the company.



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