Our wonderful SAT ladies!

Men have worshipped and admired women since the beginning of time.  And as time evolved so did women. Renaissance shaped one image, the Golden age – another, Soviet woman reflected third type and nowadays, in the 32 century, ladies are once again different.
Women keep changing, they are never stagnant.  And they drive the world, and men, to change along.
So, who is she – the modern woman, what are her main traits?
A modern woman represents an independent and willed individual capable of making her life what she truly wants it to be – she is into her career, she has family, she gives birth to new life.  All the same, she remains feminine, tender and caring.
Our fair SAT ladies!  We congratulate you on this first spring holiday – the 8th of March!
When this day comes, it officially notes the beginning of spring!  Despite snow staying everywhere and occasional blizzards and wind blowing you off your feet, it is still spring – the holiday has come and brought joy and good moods.Our lovely and loved ladies of SAT & Company, we hope that each of you can swim in an ocean of compliments, flowers and most touching things.  We wish to see each of you happy every day and even happier on the holiday!
Today the SAT men have a chance to express their feelings of gratitude and joy. There is one very true maxima: «Women are a reflection of their men’s love». When we look at our colleagues, we can positively say – we are thankful for having such wonderful women work with us!
Today we are especially delighted to tell you about ladies that have worked with us for 10 and more years. They make a unique base of our company – eight beauties headed by deputy Board Chair on finance and investment, Ms. Rumiya Shafkhatovna Sagitova.

1We can describe Rumiya as a magnificently light person, both on the inner and the outer her;  both her spirit and body are great.  She is equally stunning in an evening dress and wearing a business suit.  And she has a strength inside, which keeps her going towards new achievements.  Working and developing her career in SAT is a logical continuation of her successful studies. «One man – no man, – says Rumiya Shafkhatovna – I work in a team of close people, I have sensed the support of my colleagues and like-minded women every day for these past 10 years».
They are Nadezhda Ivanovna Sharabok, Gulzhan Muratbekovna Alikeyeva, Gulnara Mukhanbedyanovna Sarsengaliyeva, Tatyana Victorovna Nikulina,  Yelena Nikolayebna Gadetskaya, Svetlana Gennadiyevna Tyufyakova, Irina Anatoliyevna Artyukova.  One is brighter than another, each – gifted and unique!
We take pride and admire our ladies, so we may assure the world – there are great women working for SAT! 

2One of them is Nadezhda Ivanovna Sharabok; a woman displaying a unique sate of character and class.  She has devoted her life to being an accountant.  She has been our Chief accountant for many years.  Nadezhda Ivanovna is always willing and ready to help other people.

3Her fellow deputy – Tatyana Victorovna Nikulina – always has her back;  she never tolerates false, and she is a knowledgeable professional in her area.  Talking to her is always pleasant.  In addition to her professional life, she is a happy grandmother. «When I come home after work and see my grandson, I look at the essence of happiness!» she says.

4Another talented and devoted professional works for our accounting department – Yelena Nikolayebna Gadetskaya.  She is driven by constant upgrading of her skills; thus it is natural that she handles her responsibilities seriously.  It is indeed worth mentioning, that she does all this for her children. She is a loving mother that raised wonderful children. Her eyes glow with love and happiness when she talks about them. You can feel how much potential these love gives her!

Just like the accountants, our finance department ladies are just as loving mothers, great keepers and devoted wives.  They are the director of the department, Gulzhan Muratbekovna Alikeyeva, and Lead specialist Irina Anatoliyevna Artyukova.
5Gulzhan is a specialist with broad outlook and virile mind and wit.  She fights for what she believes in, she makes head against unfairness and she never compromises if there is a better solution.  Her two adorable daughters make her feel needed and fill her life with bright colors!

6Delicate and tender Irina has been working with Gulzhan for many years.  Irina is not interested in depending on her husband.  She believes that the effort put into getting educated and building a career must provide a payback in a form of moral and monetary return.  She looks at life objectively and she combines work with family.  Because a modern woman image is incomplete if it has either family or career!

7Deputy Legal Director, Svetlana Gennadiyevna Tyufyakova, works in a purely male team.  She thinks of coming to SAT as of one of the life-changing turning points.  She is a professional that dedicated her like to SAT’s success.  Her participation in any project is defined by a motto «Elbow grease will get us there!», and she is great with things that require persistence.  She has in interesting and responsible job, she does not drive, yet she has visited many countries – all because she chose to be and not to have.  She strived for the best of what she can see and know!

12Last, but not least is the one and the only Deputy director of the Human resource management and administration department, Ms. Gulnara Mukhanbedyanovna Sarsengaliyeva.  Skillful, she successfully runs her job and enjoys well earned respect of her peers.  She is hard working, highly efficient, she can make the office run in most complicated situations, including after-hours.  And she does it following her heart’s advice.  What she does is no easy job and not everyone can handle it.  If it were not for the people like our Gulnara, not for her enthusiasm and energy, our country would have collapsed in the nineties of the last century. This is all that you should know about Gulnara.  On top of the mentioned qualities of hers, she is always capable of sharing her great heart, wild and wooly joy and kindness with others!

We are very delighted to have this great chance to praise hard work of our colleagues on the eve of the main women’s holiday.  SAT has new horizons opening before it, some new projects emerging and of course, we cannot accomplish our work without our fair ladies.  You are the strengths that moves our company forward.  SAT is positive that the women working for it are capable of solving any issue and ensuring that the company thrives, that the families live good life, that people have jobs and are paid well, and that we are all willing to take pride is saying «We work for SAT!»

Be happy, our fair ladies!

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