“SAT & Company” JSC participated in АММ-2013 Astana Mining and Metallurgy Congress

It was second time “SAT & Company” JSC participated in AMM-2013, an International Mining and Metallurgical Congress. Mr. Rollan Mussinov, First Deputy to Chief Executive Officer addressed congress participants. A metallurgist of TMZ LLP, a subsidiary of “SAT & Company” JSC was given to “Metallurgist of the Year” Award at “Zolotoi Gefest” (Golden Hephaestus) Specialized Contest.

This year our company repeatedly participated in Days of Mining and Metallurgy Industry of Kazakhstan – "Astana Mining & Metallurgy (АММ-2013)”, A Fourth International Mining and Metallurgical Congress and Forum of Mining and Metallurgical Workers which had been taken place within June 12 – 13, 2013 in the city of Astana. The exhibition pavilion of “SAT & Company” included 4 models of principal metallurgy productions of SAT Group. Thus, Master Layout of Nickel Plant and model of Vanyukov Furnace, model of Enrichment Plant of “Arman-100” LLP being constructed including model of ferroalloys smelting workshop of TMZ LLP were demonstrated. At the same time, TEMP LLP demonstrated the models of railcars with calcium carbide and carbonic acid. TMZ LLP demonstrated samples of finished products.

A crucial event for our company within framework of metallurgical session of the Congress was an address of Mr. Rollan Mussinov, First Deputy to Chief Executive Officer of «SAT&Company» JSC as a VIP speaker who pointed out the issues critical for both metallurgy and overall mining and metallurgy industry. He also outlined metallurgy strategy of “SAT & Company” JSC which is based on industry modernization and production processes integration. The issues mentioned in the address were found interesting by audience.

The first day ended with award ceremony of “Zolotoi Gefest” (Golden Hephaestus) Specialized Contest. Based on jury voting, Mr. Murat Zhalgasbayev, Head of “Ferroalloys-1” Workshop of TMZ LLP was announced as a winner under “Metallurgist of the Year” main contest, which was actually a high appraisal of overall Taraz Metallurgical Plant performance and acknowledgement of plant achievements.

Participation of “SAT & Company” JSC in “АММ-2013” Congress helped to address important marketing and corporate challenges. Primarily, “SAT & Company” JSC assured that regardless transitional marketing economy period, the JSC was able to meet the challenges on efficient production development and projects implementation both in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy. Address of Mr. Rollan Mussinov additionally convinced the participants of regional mining and metallurgy industry market, that SAT & Company being a newcomer is already a competent and serious player at this market.

Besides, the officers of SAT & Company and it`s affiliates who participated in the Days of Mining and Metallurgy Industry-2013 were able to get acquainted with and communicate to regional and foreign participants representing both scientific and business community. A significantly updated presentation prepared for Days of Mining and Metallurgy Industry-2013 allowed to efficiently demonstrate achievements and prospective potential of “SAT & Company” to regional colleagues and foreign guests. Moreover, name and logo of our company was printed on a badge of every congress participant as “SAT & Company” was Silver Sponsor of the Days of Mining and Metallurgy Industry-2013.

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