«SAT & Company» JSC took part in «ASTANA MINING & METALLURGY» III International Congress of Mining and Metallurgy.
For the third time, from July 4 to 6 of 2012, Days of mining and metallurgical complex of Kazakhstan held in Astana, dedicated to the Day of the capital and to the professional holiday of metallurgists. Ministry of Industry and New Technologies has responded to this event as a main one in the domestic mining industry. It combined the III International Congress of Mining and Metallurgy «Astana Mining & Metallurgy» (AMM) and the III Congress of employees of mining and metallurgical industry.

Like in previous years, the concept of the event was to develop an effective cooperation between government, mining industry and science for the purpose of a deep implementation of innovational technologies. At the same time, the work of The Congress has focused on the development of business relations, exchange of expertise and technology between Kazakhstani and foreign companies and to attract investments in the mining and metallurgical industry of the republic.

During these days, a forum, an exhibition, the National Industrial Competition "Golden Hephaestus," round tables and master classes with the participation of local and international experts have been held in the Palace of Independence. Our company has participated this event for the first time and performed as a Silver Partner. The events of the AMM were attended by leaders of JSC «SAT & Company» and its affiliated companies: LLP "CAIKK", LLP «SAT Nickel», LLP "Taraz Metallurgical Plant" JSC  "Temirtau Electric and Metal Factory", "FNK Ertis" Ltd and LLC "ShalkiyaZinc" Ltd.

The program of activities of the first day included a sessions of geologists, mining engineers and metallurgists where the global trends in MMC, the modernization of the domestic steel industry, new approaches to exploration, have been discussed. On the same day the ceremony of awarding the "Golden Hephaestus" took place. The second day has started from the inauguration of III Congress of GMO workers of Kazakhstan and continued by discussions of working groups on themes of "Innovation for MMC" and "Human Resources for MMC." The final day of the event coincided with the celebration of the capital, and the organizers have proposed to participants a cultural program: "Day of Astana".

An international level of Congress set in the past has been sustained this year - some 1,100 delegates and participants from more than 20 countries have taken part in the activities. More than 20 speakers from 23 countries made their speeches.

The latest achievements in geological, mining, processing, innovational, service and educational segments have been presented during the exhibition held under the Mining and Metallurgical Congress. It was attended by more than 60 companies from the CIS and countries from abroad. According to a multiple comments The SAT & Company has received the title of the best exponent, more than that a day before the opening of Congress during the general run, Vice-Minister of MINT Albert Rau has pointed out the of Pavilion SAT & Company. The exposition included a stand of TEMK with originally designed model of carriage filled with calcium carbide packed in drums and also a carriage with carbon dioxide cylinders, a stand of TMZ, where the technological scheme of production and videos about the life and work of the plant and the model of " Vanyukov oven" - "The system of calcification" technology used by LLP« Sat Nickel » have been presented. The last model was presented a few days before Congress for the first time as a part of the National teleconference presentation of the draft mapping of industrialization with participation of The Head of State. President of RK Nazarbayev N. A. emphasized the project of LLP «Sat Nickel», not only as an innovational one (the implementation of domestic smelting of poor nickel ores in the Vanyukov oven), but also as an economical, because used fuel energy is utilized not for one, but for two energy-intensive process simultaneously - which results into a 2.5 times decrease of the cost factor).


It is necessary to start from the goals and objectives that have been defined by the company, when making a decision about participation the Days of mining and metallurgical complex in Kazakhstan. First of all, the company leaders have decided to demonstrate to the public for the first time their potential and achievements at a key national industrial event of international scale.

Image goals of the Company have been outstandingly achieved by a working group, whose activities have our stand to be one of the most memorable one on the show. And though a member of working group Alia Menseitova, who is a Director of Budgeting, tried to be objective and accepted the thought that of the pavilion might have produced such a resonance because of the effect of novelty, when the industry shows are presented by the same league of market players, often passing same exposition concepts from year to year - yet admits that the glass walls of the pavilion, bright lighting stands, multiple layout solutions and samples of geological material, made our stand to be not only attractive but informative and interesting.

A wide range of distributing informational materials, specially created for the exhibition, about both JSC «SAT & Company», and the subsidiaries, has helped to implement marketing goals.

Entering Mining and Metallurgical Congress 2012 as the Silver Partner, was a serious and responsible decision. A sky blue logo of SAT & Company has been decorating ribbons of badges of each delegate and participant of the exhibition. Numerous references of the organizers to the company's name during public events and in official work publications of the Congress, have made a significant contribution to promotion of marketing and image goals.

Professional communication was extremely important, and perhaps the most interesting and enjoyable for the members of our company. While the leaders of the managing company considered vertical contacts with representatives of executive power, with current and potential customers, to be most important, the leaders of our manufacturing companies have found greatest value in communicating inside the professional community of miners and metallurgists. The importance of professional communication is insisted by the organizers of the Third Congress of workers of mining and metallurgical industry - National Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises (AMME) in partnership with the Trade Union of workers of mining and metallurgical industry. Perhaps as a symbol of that, at the Congress was presented a bilingual hymn of metallurgists.

Commercial purposes, are rather of secondary role during the such kind of event - however, such a successful start promises to turn into a promising financial results in the future. When summing up the results of participation in the III Congress «Astana Mining & Metallurgy», Menseitova Aliya believes that the company has successfully accomplished all the tasks, despite the fact that it participated in the exhibition for the first time: "Were there any visitors who do not know about the SAT & Company? – Most likely, those who had heard of us, but never seen made a majority.


Sadykov Serik Barlykovich, Director of LLP «Sat Nikel»

Congress has drawn the attention of the whole professional community, providing variable opportunity for Kazakhstan and international participants to exchange the experiences. Serik Sadykov, Director of LLP «Sat Nikel», evaluates his participation in the activities of the Congress as a fruitful: "I had many interesting moments, particularly in the plenary sessions of the first day. Worth noting the speech of Corina Hebestreit, the director of the European Association Euromines, about the priorities of development of the mining industry in the EU. European economically-developed countries have always tried to carry out harmful production to other continents. But now they are rethinking their strategies of mining industry, focusing on the development of fields within the region – which makes it almost a 180 degree turn. For example for me - Serik Barlykovich continues - was very interesting, the speech of the Chairman of the Board "Kazzinc" N. Popovich, because of their innovative approaches in solving problems of TB. For us, the realization of this approach should be started on the stage of construction - hope I will get the materials of this speech. The experience of JSC "Kazakhmys" in increasing of level of local content from 36% to 63% in two years seems to me useful.  Also, nice to me - says Serik Barlykovich - were the words of the Minister of MINT Aset Isekeshev when speaking about the program AIID, he called «Sat Nikel» one of the three most promising projects.

At the same time The Director of LLP «Sat Nikel» is drawing his attention to the fact that innovative projects remain being innovative ones, until the technology has not yet become widely used by others: "During the exhibition many foreign participants were interested in our project, when approaching, refining parameters, i.e. interest was high. To me this means two things: first, the technology is truly innovative and, secondly, it behooves us to realize our project as soon as possible because, usually, industrial innovation, is starting to be understood and implement a couple of years later, that is, to catch up with the technological advantage of another ".

Speeches of Roundtable about "Innovation for MMC" Serik Barlykovich estimates generally quite critically: "We are still poorly make difference between the concept of innovation and reconstruction and modernization. There are two main criteria for innovations - these are a uniqueness of technology and efficiency that exceeds times existing analogues, rather than shares. During the round table almost no one has introduced technologies that would fully meet these criteria. However, the fact that the National Agency for Technological Development is making serious efforts in developing of innovational infrastructure and improvement of the investment climate in Kazakhstan has pleased.

Nuria Habievna Serzhanova, Mining and Metallurgical Department enrichment specialist. To Nuria Habievna Serzhanova, Mining and Metallurgical Department enrichment specialist, who took an active part in the preparation of the exhibition, the most memorable was the ceremony of Awarding with National Industrial award "Golden Hephaestus':" The whole ceremony - says Nuria Habievna - was at a very high level, the intrigue remained until the announcement of the winners. In addition, at the end, the organizers of the event offered to guests a buffet and a fitting festive program with performances of actors and the lottery. " At the same time, our colleague admits that we have not received any awards, though we have applied for the nominations of  "Leader of the Year" and "Leader of the Year for Innovations." There has been a modesty and indecisiveness in the number of applications, moderation in the formulating merits of the nominees.  "I beleive - Nuria Habievna is sure - that next year maximum number of applications should be submitted for all possible for us nominations and to use actively excellent form of description of achievements, and of course, scrupulously observe the requirements for registration." Also, Nuria Serzhanova proposes to increase the number of nominations, because extremely important in metallurgy professions of mechanic, engineer equipment, energy specialist remain unreached. "I think - said Nuria Habievna in conclusion,  - that the value of this contest is for us not so much about winning, but in the fact that the company has the possibility to show employees their value to the company by the fact of nomination for the award on a national scale.

Abuov Asylbek Halelovich, technical director of TMZ

Long before the Congress the Association of GMP has been mentioning the issue related to creation of the Mining Code. Asylbek Abuov, technical director of TMZ, says that the legal underlining of mining industry as a separated legal industry is a necessary step: "The level of profitability in the oil, gas, and iron and steel industry is different, different technologies, different cost structures - these are the arguments expressed by the executive director AGMP Radostovets Nicholay, and basically I am agree with him.

Asylbek Halelovich believes that the issues discussed especially in the framework of the sessions of metallurgists and of the third Congress of the workers of MMC have been useful from a practical point of view. On these grounds operational issues were discussed, while the topics of speeches of a plenary session and round tables, have been mostly focused on discussion of the macroeconomic aspects of the industry: "At the same time, - says Asylbek Halelovich - during the debates on" Innovation for MMC, "I was particularly interested in the abstracts of presentation by the representative of HMI J. Abisheva about "Bohr" technology, but, unfortunately, the performance has never taken place. At the same time the speech of representative of Kazatomprom was very interesting, though far from my professional interests, a good impression has left from the report, of the only female speaker, who told about a biotech leaching of ores.

In general, I find the Congress program and the organization of it, to be very decent.