Some facts about Kazakhstan

small_rounded_kzKazakhstan is located at the heart of the Eurasian continent, at crossroads of trade routes between Asia and Europe. Kazakhstan borders Russia in the east, north and northwest, Central Asian countries — Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan — in the south, and China in the southeast. The country’s geographic location determines its foreign policy priorities — the development of strategic partnership with Russia and China.

Also great perspectives are observed in development of transit directions to the markets of European countries through the RF, which increased significantly after Customs Union Agreement between Kazakhstan, Russia and Belorussia.

Kazakhstan is one of the leading places in the world on the mineral recourses number and diversity. The most important ones are oil, gas, ferrous and base metals. It leads the CIS in terms of chrome ore and lead reserves, is second in terms of oil, silver, copper, manganese, zinc, nickel and phosphorous reserves, and third in terms of gas, coal, gold and tin reserves.

The deposits explored to the present moment will be sufficient for many years. For example, the conditional provision by assets of explored assets in iron-ore sector amounts 80 years. Uranium and coal sectors are provided with proved resources for more than 100 years. It should be taken into account that the forecasted potential of the Republic exceeds in several times the explored reserves of ferrous metals.

Powerful oil-and-gas producing, uranium and coal mining, ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metal production and refinery industries, various types of nonmetal mineral resources industries were created on the base of explored assets. Mining and smelting sector amounts more than 200 mining and refinery enterprises. The trade production of these enterprises is currently exported to Europe, the USA, China, Southern Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries.

The Republic has large deposits of ferrous metals, which shall provide steady development of the sector and mining volumes increase in case of mineral resources outlet markets extension. Developed infrastructure, industrial capacities and competitive mineral resources base allows fast adaptation to economical conditions changes.

Six large plants are operating on the base of iron ore deposits mines of 80 mln. tonnes project capacity per year. Chromites are characterized with ores high quality (45–50% chrome oxide) and are located on the small territory within the Kempirsay dunnite-peridotite massive in the western Kazakhstan. The forecasted potential of the Republic exceeds in several times the reserves of ferrous metals.

Favorable investment climate in the country is provided by political stability, qualified personnel, huge volume of accumulated geological information and liberal law database.