Ferronickel Plant Ertis LLP

The Company is engaged in development of metallurgical project and technology selection for refinery of cobalt-nickel ores of Gornostayevskoye deposit and production of finished ferronickel FN 20.


Ferronickel Plant Ertis Limited Liability Partnership was registered on 20.03.2008. The Company was originally oriented at mining sector.
November 2009 Ferronickel Plant Ertis LLP acquired 100% of interest in KAZNICKEL LLP, having the right to develop Gornostayevskoye Deposit in Eastern-Kazakhstan region. In the future the Company is planning to invest the present project with technology selection for cobalt-nickel ore refinery and the further construction of metallurgical plant with finished ferronickel production new technologies use.
In the course of project development new jobs shall be created, where preference shall be given to Kazakhstani specialists.

Main types of activity

  • Refinery of cobalt-nickel ores and production of nickel, matte, cobalt and finished ferronickel FN 20
  • Sale of nickel, matte, cobalt and finished ferronickel FN 20

The Company’s Goals and Objectives

To create smelting enterprise in Eastern-Kazakhstan Region on the base of industrial enterprise reconstruction, providing effective use of mineral recourses and production quality increase. To produce quality production appropriate to world standards for global market entry.
Projects of silicate cobalt-nickel ores production and refinery in Kazakhstan are of high priority for Ferronickel Plant Ertis LLP.

Contact Information

"Ferronickel Plant Ertis" LLP 
137A Parkhomenko Street, Semey city,
071403, Republic of Kazakhstan
Phone: +7 722 232 48 48
Facsimile +7 722 234 26 05