Arman-100 Limited Liability Partnership

Лogotip ТОО Аrman 100

History of Company

Limited Liability Partnership “Arman-100” LLP, registered in Department of Justice of Karagandy oblast on 22.01.2003.

Contract No. 671 dated 14.05.2001 on exploration of manganese ores of the Zapadniy Kamys deposit with following production of manganese ores in Zhanaarkinskiy district of the Karaganda oblast was transferred to Arman-100 LLP from ОJSC “Zhayremskiy ore dressing and processing enterprise” in December 2003.

Shareholders of “Central Asian Investment Company” LLP took a decision on extraordinary general meeting dated 28.07.2008 to acquire 100% equity share in Arman-100 LLP from “Kazakhstan Mining and smelting company” LLP.

Type of activities

The enterprise is engaged in development of Zapadniy Kamys, located in the west of Zhana-Arkinskiy district of Karaganda oblast, in 360 km more to south-west of Karaganda in 170 km east more to north-east Zhezkazgan city, and 15 km more to north-east to Kyzyl-Zhar station, on the right hand of the Sarysu river, in 1.0 km from its channel. The area of geological allotment of block is 1, 06 hectares.

According to contractual terms (Contract No.671 dated 14.05.2001) Arman-100
LLP is providing exploration works. The main aim is definition of mineral resources distribution borders, volume both of ore and metals, ore dressing technological indexes receipt for mineral recourses proof in SCM of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The exploration stage was finished on May 14, 2010, according to contractual terms. Following that manganese ore production is planned. As according to contract the exploration period is prescribed for the following three years Arman-100 LLP shall provided operational exploration with aim of ferromanganese ore reserves increase and production works extension for 15–20 years.

The production facilities of Arman-100 LLP are located in two industrial areas:
1 — pit on Zapadniy Kamys ferromanganese ores exploration is located near to Vostochniy Kamys RU Kazmarganetc, the affiliate of TNK Kazchrom JSC;
2 — loading depot on the railway station Kyzyl Zhar in 15-16km from the pit. The nearest residential area is located in 600 m — Kyzyl-Zhar village.

Currently mining works are conducting in the South open pit. The depth of open pit is 30m. The North open pit is temporarily out of use.

The excavation of stripping soils is carrying out with the application of DBO. Manganese blossom rock is moving out to stock dump, primary ores to dumping site of primary ores; stripping soils – to internal dumping site, out of balance ores – to special dump.
Annual productivity of mining is 260 thousand tons of ore, 1mln m³ of stripping.
Hyundai hydraulic excavators with basket capacity of 1.7; 2.15; 3 m³ are operating for manganese ores production and stripping works. The transportation of mined rock is conducted by Howo, Dong Feng open-pit dump trucks with the load-carrying capacity of 25 tons.

Manganese ores are refined on screening and crushing unit assembled into the open pit wall. Its production is 30 tons per hour. Further, manganese concentrates 0-100 mm and 0-15 mm grade is transferred to the spur track of the Kyzyl-Zhar station, where it is exported directly to customer.


Savulyak Galina Vladimirovna

Contact information

Actual address:
Kazakhstan Business Centre, 7 fl.,
49 Bukhar Zhyrau ave,
Karaganda city
Republic of Kazakhstan 100000
tel.: +7 (7212) 98-11-64; 98-11-65
fax: +7 (7212) 98-11-67

Legal address:
381, Sadvakasova Street, Atasu village,
Karaganda oblast,
The Republic of Kazakhstan, 100500