Presentation to the Head of the State the project of construction in Atyrau Oblast of the petroleum chemical complex, developed by SAT & Company JSC

Company history

2000      Creation of the Company in the form of limited liability partnership "SAT & Company".
Main types of 
activities: construction, petrochemical and machinery engineering

2004_2007  Mechanical engineering holding was created on production of oil-and -gas equipment in the structure of the Company. Also the Company developed a project on petroleum chemical complex construction in Atyrau Oblast.
Photo -Presentation to the Head of the State the project of construction in Atyrau Oblast of the petroleum chemical complex, developed by "SAT & Company" JSC

2006  The Company becomes a large holding, uniting up to 50 companies. The Partnership was reorganized into Joint-Stock Company. Shares and bonds of Company got listing on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange.

2007  The Company defined metal and mining sector as a main point of development. The active market researches in this sphere were provided.

2008_2010  In accordance with new concept the Company provides consequently a range of strategic acquisitions in metal sector. Ferromanganese, chrome, nickel and other mining enterprises, metallurgical plants on ferroalloy production were acquired both in Kazakhstan and abroad  Turkey and China. Currently all enterprises are fulfilling production tasks, assigned by holding.
For the period of its operation SAT&Company JSC successfully realized more than 30 projects in different sectors of economy and continues to increase potential directed on powerful metallurgical complex creation.